A fleet of new planes is being unveiled to replace a fleet of Boeing B-2 bombers.

The USS Nimitz and the USS George H.W. Bush are retiring from the fleet, which was decommissioned in February.

A total of 12 B-1 bombers are being retired, which are no longer needed.

The Nimitz was decommitted in February 2016 and is slated for retirement in 2021.

The George H .


Bushes are being replaced with the new aircraft, which will be the first to be delivered to the Air Force.

The new aircraft will replace the B-51s which are aging and nearing the end of their useful life, and the aircraft can be equipped with more advanced radar.

It will also replace the F-22 stealth fighter, which has been retired from service, and which was part of the original fleet.

Air Force Vice Adm.

Paul H. McDonough told reporters that the new planes will be able to conduct surveillance missions from the carrier aircraft carrier.

“They are not just planes, they are not simply aircrafts.

They are aircrafts that can conduct surveillance operations, which can provide vital intelligence for us,” he said.

McDonough said the planes will have greater range and endurance than the current B-27 fleet. 

He added that the planes can be configured to carry more than 30,000 pounds of munitions.

 “The B–52s are obsolete and in poor condition.

The aircraft are in excellent condition.

So the B1Bs, which have been in service for 10 years and are equipped with advanced technology, are much more capable than the B52s.

They have increased range and improved survivability, and that has been critical to the Navy as well as our allies,” he added.

More than 70 B-3 stealth bombers have been retired since the war in Afghanistan ended in 2014.

One of the first planes will fly from the USS John F. Kennedy, which is scheduled to arrive at the carrier’s air base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Monday.

According to the US Air Force, the new B-31 aircraft is expected to arrive by mid-August.

Another plane is scheduled for delivery in late 2019, with the final B-21s expected to be retired by 2021.

Navy officials said the B21s will not be available for air-to-air combat missions until the Navy decides to end the B2B mission.

However, they did say that the B3B and B21B will be in reserve for emergencies.

In addition to the new jets, the Navy plans to replace more than a dozen B-4 stealth bombers and an aircraft carrier, the USS Nimrod.

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