Fleet is a term that refers to a group of soldiers or mercenaries.

There are many different types of fleet, but most are led by one or more captains.

They work together to defend the territory of the faction they belong to.

Aggressors have the most varied types of fleets.

They are usually led by a single leader who leads them to great glory.

The types of ships that agressors use include: ships, boats, or submarines.

Agressor ships are primarily land based and use cannons or missiles to attack the enemy.

Agressors also have the ability to summon powerful monsters to help them.

When you use a ship, it is a means to a purpose, but it also serves as a source of attack power.

When using a boat, you can either carry more passengers or carry fewer passengers.

Some boats are also capable of launching powerful attacks.

When a fleet of ships are under attack, you may be able to call in help from other fleets or even allies.

This is a very flexible strategy that allows you to take advantage of enemy weakness.

This tactic is used to attack or capture territory and is a common strategy for agressor fleets.

A fleet’s leadership can change over time.

Some ships can become stronger and other ships can be weakened.

These changes in leadership can affect the strategy of a fleet and its effectiveness.

You can also make the decision to attack an enemy with a fleet, even though you may not be able attack them directly.

This strategy has the potential to cause massive damage and destruction.

A strategy that requires teamwork is called a combination fleet.

Combination fleets are the most common type of fleet.

These fleets can work together in an organized fashion.

Combinations of fleets can be led by multiple captains, but also lead by one leader or two captains.

A combination fleet will be most effective when they are under a commander with the ability or the ability and ability to command them.

If the commander is under a command who is not an ally, the combined fleet can be weak or even defeated.

Combined fleets also have a unique ability that makes them vulnerable to being attacked.

When attacked, the enemy fleet will have their entire attack power drained from their own resources.

The combined fleet will then retreat to their own territory and retreat again.

When the combined fleets retreats, the leader will lose his or her ability to lead the fleet, as well as the ability of the fleet to attack and capture territories.

The leader of a combined fleet has the ability, or ability, to attack another allied fleet.

This ability can also be used to command and control the combined force, but only in the form of the ability for command and the ability that allows the leader to command.

When there is an alliance between a fleet that is under the leader of the combined alliance and an ally alliance that is a part of that alliance, the two alliances will be able command and coordinate the combined forces.

When an alliance is under attack by a combined alliance, it can call in assistance from other alliances or allies.

The allies in a combined coalition will then be able coordinate the attack.

This alliance can also call in aid to an enemy alliance, although it may be against its own will.

When attacking an enemy, the alliance will gain a significant amount of power and strength.

The alliance will also be able summon powerful monster units.

Agressive tactics and strategy can make the difference between victory and defeat.

When fighting an enemy that has allied with a faction, it will usually be more difficult to hold territory.

The enemy will have a greater chance to gain power and to use powerful monsters.

The main reason why an enemy is able to hold territories is because they have a lot of allies.

When this is the case, it means that the enemy will be very dangerous for you to defeat.

If an enemy has a lot less allies than you, the odds are that you can be defeated.

If you do not have a large number of allies, you are not going to be able defeat an enemy who has a large army.

A faction that has a strong leader will be more likely to use their strength to attack other factions, and will be a strong opponent for you.

When it comes to tactics, a combination of fleets is more effective than a combination.

When one faction is under pressure, the other faction will often resort to extreme tactics.

When all the factions are under pressure together, they are more likely than a combined army to attack each other.

When two factions are at war, it might be more effective to have a combined force attack a faction that is weaker than them.

The strong and the strong allies can work as a team to destroy a single enemy, and this might be a good time to attack.

Agression is not the only way to attack territory, however.

Other types of tactics may be more useful to an agressor.

For example, an ally may call in an attack that is not of their choosing.

The ally might not want to fight on their own terms

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