Norby Farms is a small family farm in New South Wales.

The family run farm in the rural area is on the front line of Australia’s largest-ever war on drugs.

But the war on meth has had a massive impact on the family business.

The war on fentanyl, the synthetic opioid made from fentanyl, has cost the family $1.5 million in lost productivity and the farm has lost its farm worker, as well as millions of dollars in business.

“I’m very, very grateful that the war has really made a difference to our business, it has made a dent in the bottom line,” Mr. Norby said.

“It’s a very sad state of affairs for the family, especially because we do rely on the community for our livelihood, so it’s a shame.”

The farm has been working with a team of specialists to reduce the risk of meth-related deaths and deaths from other drugs like heroin.

“The more we can get away from that, the better we can serve our customers and our community,” he said.

Mr. MacLennan says the family is currently trying to figure out what to do about a problem that has killed a number of workers.

“We know the death rate from fentanyl has been increasing,” he says.

“So we are trying to determine what we can do to lessen the risk.”

The family’s business has been operating for over 50 years, and Mr. McLennon says they’ve had some setbacks along the way.

“There are certain things that we’re just not able to do, but that’s just life,” he explained.

“Things change and things have to be managed.”

The Norby family’s team of experts are looking at everything from how to get rid of the drugs, and if there’s any way to increase the risk.

“At this stage we’re working very closely with our doctors, with our lawyers and with our pharmacists and with police,” he noted.

“Our work with police is very important, because they are the ones who are making sure that we have the right level of supervision and control over the farm and the workers.”

Mr. McLennon said the family will be taking a tough line on the issue and will use every tool at their disposal to get meth off the farm.

“This is a very, not very good time for this family, so we’re going to do everything we can to make sure this family stays out of this dangerous situation and that we can protect our community and the people who work on this farm,” he concluded.

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