When the news breaks, your social media activity is what matters most to the public.

This is particularly true when the story involves celebrities.

But in recent years, celebrities have taken on the role of the Twitter machine and used their platform to push their message.

While social media is an important tool for journalists and the public, there’s also a darker side to this trend.

The public sees a lot of celebrities being used as a distraction, and this is what they perceive as the truth.

For example, in January, we reported on a story that showed that in March 2017, at least 19 celebrities were in New York City, where they were meeting with President Donald Trump.

They were seen taking pictures with Trump, including his daughter Ivanka Trump.

The reason?

They were trying to “celebrate the moment.”

These celebrities were all using social media to promote themselves, with some of the accounts that were being used more than others.

In the past year, celebrities who were photographed with President Trump have been targeted.

In one case, a man who was photographed with Trump on February 15 was arrested on federal charges.

The photo showed a man wearing a blue shirt, a baseball cap and a pair of glasses.

This photo is part of a series of photographs that the media outlet BuzzFeed published on January 27 of Donald Trump in his office.

In that photo, he’s wearing a red polo shirt, with the word “TRUMP” printed on the front.

This photograph was published on the cover of Buzzfeed’s February issue, which was published by the Trump administration on February 23.

This man is identified as a Trump adviser and adviser-turned-official Jared Kushner.

In another photo, a photo of Kushner and Ivanka Trump was published as part of BuzzFeed’s story on February 25.

The man in this photo is Jared Kushner, who is Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law.

This image is part a series that BuzzFeed published of Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump on March 2.

In this picture, Kushner and Trump are wearing hats and sunglasses.

This picture was published in March by Buzzfeed, which is published by President Trump.

In January, BuzzFeed published a photo that showed President Trump and Ivanka, who was wearing a hat and sunglasses, in their New York office.

This article originally appeared on ABC News.

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