If you’ve ever heard the term “fleet feet” on social media, it probably means something to you.

It’s basically a reference to a recent incident at Memphis International Airport. 

It’s a meme that popped up in the days after a plane from Miami to Memphis was diverted to Memphis due to an engine failure.

The passengers were stranded in Memphis due a power outage and were subsequently forced to wait in a parking lot for hours while a crew worked on their repairs.

That crew is now being called the “Fleet Feet” crew and the airline is trying to figure out who’s responsible. 

According to The Tennessean, a Memphis police report shows the crew was the one responsible for creating the meme.

They’re accused of making “inappropriate and demeaning comments” toward the passengers and making inappropriate and demeganing comments toward the crew. 

They’re also accused of calling a Memphis fire official “fag” and using vulgar language about “pussies” during an argument.

The crew is also accused by the FBI of harassing two other passengers.

According to The Washington Post, one of the passengers told the FBI that he was “shocked and upset” when he learned of the crew’s actions. 

The FBI declined to comment on the allegations. 

Meanwhile, Memphis has been criticized for its response to the incident, which is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

According the Associated Press, the FAA has determined that the crew violated a federal law banning “unwelcome or disruptive conduct” by using derogatory language toward a Memphis airport employee, causing her to lose her job.

“There are plenty of things that people can say about a person that don’t have to do with their job,” Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland told the AP.

“I think it’s important to get the facts, get the context.

The facts have been established, and the facts will come out.”

In a statement to CBS News, a spokesman for the Memphis International Airports Authority said that “the crew was in error and did not speak inappropriately, including calling an airport employee a ‘fag’ and using offensive language.”

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