With the arrival of the new year comes the start of new business opportunities for fleets.

Here are the things to know.


Fleet name and number of vehicles involved in fleet service 2.

Number of fleet members and type of vehicle 3.

Types of vehicles included in fleet 4.

Types and locations of vehicles to be transported 5.

Types, locations and locations to be used in fleet fleet service is a term used to describe the services provided by fleets to customers.

For example, a service delivery service might be defined as delivering goods or services to customers by aircraft.


Fleet type: fleet service means providing vehicles, equipment and services to a customer that are used by them for a specific purpose.

This can include delivering vehicles, trucks or other equipment or services.


Types: fleet may include one or more of the following types: A fleet of trucks, buses, vans, delivery vehicles, or other vehicles that provide delivery services to small businesses or other organizations, for example.

A fleet that includes multiple types of vehicles and equipment.

A service delivery fleet.

A transportation fleet that provides services to consumers.

A freight fleet that transports goods to and from customers.


Locations and locations: fleets of vehicles can be located anywhere in the United States.

The locations of a fleet of vehicles, whether in a specific location or across the country, depends on the service and the customer.

For more information on where your fleet is located, please review the map below.


Locations: fleets can be used to deliver goods to any location in the country.

A vehicle may be transported from one location to another, for instance, by train, truck, or a private plane.


Types included in fleets: The number of types of service vehicles may be the same for different types of services.

For instance, a freight fleet may have one type of delivery vehicle or service delivery vehicle, depending on the business.

The types of vehicle types may be similar, or they may be different.


Types available in fleet: If you plan to operate a fleet, you must provide specific vehicles and services for each type of service.

For most types of transport, you will be required to provide two or more types of transportation.

For other types of transports, you may choose to have fewer or more vehicles available for each transport type.

For additional information on how to determine the types of delivery vehicles that you can use, please see our Transport Types article.

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