A lot of farmers in Georgia are considering the “power plant” option.

Alexandria’s power plant has been around for a while, and its main attraction is its ability to convert your indoor heat into electricity.

But that doesn’t mean its always been the most efficient.

Its been reported that the plant has had problems with the air conditioning, with some reports showing that when the system is turned off, the air conditioners in the system get too hot.

To make matters worse, when the air is turned on, the plant doesn’t have enough cooling capacity to keep the air circulating.

As a result, the plants output has dropped and its been reported by local and national media outlets to have been “one of the worst air condition-related incidents in the state’s history.”

While there’s no denying the plant’s effectiveness, there’s also some concern about the long-term health of the plants equipment.

The plant, which currently produces about 3,500 tons of fuel a year, is estimated to produce around 1.5 million tons of CO2 a year and requires maintenance.

At the same time, there are many farms in the region that rely on coal-fired power plants, which are estimated to generate around 1 million tons per year.

“The plant can only do so much to address the CO2 emissions.

The plants energy generation is not the main driver of CO 2 emissions.

So even if the plant were to stay operating, it wouldn’t be able to completely offset the plant,” said David J. Leopold, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, in an interview with ABC News.

While the plant is not on Georgia’s list of state-owned power plants currently on the books, it’s a topic that’s been debated across the country.

On a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, Leopel said the issue has even been raised in the Trump administration.

“[It] could be that the federal government is trying to get involved and that the states power plants are being used to prop up the coal industry,” he said.

There’s also a long history of coal-burning power plants in Georgia.

Georgia has been one of the first states to require power plants to be certified as zero carbon, a step that took place after the state became the first to adopt an energy efficiency standard in the mid-2000s.

However, Leepel said there are still ways to reduce CO2 from coal-fueled power plants.

When you look at the history of the coal-mining industry, it is not a natural process to try to make CO2 reduction work.

Leopel, who is also the president of the Natural Gas Institute of Georgia, noted that a lot of the work has been done by the coal companies themselves, rather than the state government.

Coal mines in the US are notoriously difficult to clean up, he said, so the problem is likely exacerbated by regulations and policies that don’t require the industry to clean it up.

In a statement, the Georgia Department of Environmental Quality said the plant “is in the process of being replaced” and that it will continue to provide services to Georgia power customers.

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