By now you’ve probably heard of the new fleet tech that’s being rolled out to fleet farms and other fleets in Queensland.

It’s the latest part of the rollout of the Government’s $2.4 billion program to help get more cars and trucks on the road.

And while it sounds simple, it’s a lot of work to put into your fleet.

Here’s what you need to know about fleet tech.


What is fleet tech?

“Fleet tech” is a new technology that allows for fleet members to request and receive updates on fleet performance.

The data is then used to improve the performance of the vehicle.


How do I request a fleet tech update?

If you want to get a fleet update, you can send an email to [email protected] 3.

When will fleet tech be rolled out?

Fleet technology will roll out in stages over the next two years.

The first wave of updates will be for the 2020-21 financial year, followed by a follow-on wave in 2021.


Will fleet tech help me drive more?

A fleet tech upgrade is the first step in ensuring that your fleet is running smoothly.

If you’re using fleet tech on your vehicle, the next step is to install and test your new vehicle.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll then be able to request a tech update from fleet manager.


Can I use fleet tech for free?


You can request a free fleet tech tech update if you can prove you can provide the required performance.


Will the fleet tech program apply to my fleet?


It only applies to vehicles in Queensland and is intended for use on vehicles with a Queensland emissions class B certification.


Will there be an annual cost to use fleet technology?

The Government will set a maximum cost of $250,000 per vehicle.

The fleet tech fee will increase to $300,000 from the current $100,000.


What does the fleet technology fee cover?

There are no fees for fleet tech updates.


Will I need to buy new fuel?

Your fleet will be upgraded to a fleet grade, certified fleet diesel fuel for the purpose of fleet tech installation.

You’ll need to be responsible for the cost of the upgrade.


Will my fleet car be covered?

It’s likely that you’ll need a new fuel supply if your vehicle is covered by the Fleet Fuel Scheme.


What are the emissions standards for my fleet, and how do I meet them?

Each year, emissions standards vary depending on your emissions classification and the type of vehicle in your fleet: The fleet grade diesel fuel is the most commonly used grade.

The grade of diesel fuel approved by the State is: Class D. Class A is the least common type of diesel, and class B is the worst.

Class C is the lowest grade of gasoline, which can be either unleaded or compressed.

Class D and D-E diesel blends have lower emissions and require less stringent emission control measures.

There’s also a range of other types of diesel and petrol available, such as methanol, diesel fuel from a diesel engine, and even vegetable oil.


Will it be cheaper to buy diesel fuel or petrol?

Currently, diesel and gasoline fuel are available for purchase at the pump, on the fuel retail website, or through a fuel retailer.

However, there are also other diesel fuel options available at petrol stations, or at fuel retailers.


Is there a fuel levy for fleet services?

An annual fuel levy is being introduced for fleet service vehicles that have a Queensland emission class B. The levy is $50 per vehicle per year, but you’ll pay $200 per year for diesel fuel.


Will fleets be covered under the State’s fleet fuel scheme?


The Government is providing $300 million over four years to the state’s fleet service program, which covers fleet owners and operators.


Will this program include fleet techs?

In the meantime, the Government is supporting fleet tech efforts through the State Government’s fleet services program.


Will all fleet owners have to buy fuel?

Fleet owners will be exempt from the fuel levy.


Will vehicle owners need to pay fuel tax?

Fleets that are not eligible for the State fleet services programme will still need to purchase fuel for their vehicles from fuel retailers through the fleet service plan.


Can the Government use fleet service funds for the fleet fuel programme?

Yes, but the State will be using these funds to pay for the vehicle fuel levy and fleet tech upgrades.


Will a fleet service fee be applied to the annual fuel tax bill?

Yes and no.

The fuel levy will be paid out at the beginning of the financial year and will then gradually be applied

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