GM announced that it will soon add a new fleet definition to its fleet page on its website, saying it was doing so to help customers understand the size and shape of the fleet.

The company said it would provide the fleet definition when it added new vehicles in 2021, and that customers can expect to see it on their fleet page by then.

GM is expanding its fleet definition beyond its current four fleets.

In addition to adding the new fleet definitions, the company also said it will make changes to how it calculates fleet miles.

It will now calculate the fleet miles per passenger mile (mpur), which is calculated by subtracting the distance from a specific location in the world to calculate the distance traveled by a vehicle on the highway.

The company previously estimated its fleet miles based on the distance between a specific place in the United States and its nearest metropolitan area, based on a standard definition of miles per gallon.

With the new definition, GM said it is taking into account “faster, more accurate and reliable vehicle and engine information” in calculating the miles.

The automaker also said that the new vehicle definition will allow customers to better compare their fleet to other automakers’ fleets.GM said that when it adds vehicles to its vehicle fleet, it also can calculate the cost of the vehicles based on its fleet size.

The new definition allows for that calculation, as well as any changes to the cost-of-vehicle data for the vehicle in question.

“The new vehicle and fleet definition is designed to help our customers understand and make better decisions on how to allocate and use their fleet,” GM spokesman David Stannard said in a statement.

“This is an important step in helping them better understand the cost and availability of vehicles in their fleet, and to make better choices on what vehicles to buy, as we continue to expand our fleet and to deliver better value to our customers.”GM added that the cost for vehicles purchased on the new website will not change because of the new standard definition, but it will also not be updated to reflect any new vehicles.

If you are interested in what the new company will be saying when it unveils the new engine definition, watch this video from The Associated Press:For more auto news, visit

For more on the auto industry, check out our column, “The Auto Industry Is on the Verge of a Third Great Revolution.”

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