New York’s fleet farm is a collection of farm equipment, a big house and a collection house.

It’s called Fleet Farm and the house is home to a fleet of cars, a fleet tractor, a tractor trailer and even a fleet farm truck.

The farm is one of the biggest in the nation, with more than 100,000 acres of space and is home only to about 25 people, according to the farm’s owner, John L. Koehn.

The tractor trailer is also the farm tractor.

There are three trailers on the property: a tractor, the truck and a trailer that holds a second tractor.

The trailer is filled with gas.

The tractor is on a trailer truck bed.

There’s a third trailer that sits in a garage.

The fleet farm has been the farm of choice for the Koehns since it was founded in 2012.

They own the property and rent out the trailers to other farmers.

The farm’s owners have been able to keep the farm clean and quiet.

There are two types of tractor: The tractor that drives the trailers and the tractor trailer that is used to tow them.

The trucks can be up to 100 pounds and the trailer can carry up to 60 pounds, depending on the type of trailer and tractor used.

The trailers are always on the move, moving around the state to fill up.

They also rent out their tractor trailers to others.

One of the farms tractor trailers is owned by a tractor manufacturer.

The other farm’s tractor trailers are rented to people who need to move around to get things done.

The truck can go up to 50 miles per hour.

It has a top speed of 70 miles per day.

The vehicle is able to travel up to 300 miles per week.

The other big house is the farm house, which is the house on which the farm is located.

It also has a tractor.

A tractor is an enormous, heavy structure that is capable of moving up to 200 miles per year.

The owner of the farm houses said the tractor is used for all of the things the tractor can do.

The house also has two small houses, a trailer and a garage for storage.

The farmer has been trying to sell the farm since he bought it and the owner has been working on getting the house built up.

The property is worth about $20 million, according the property appraiser.

The property is owned and operated by the Koeshn family, who are also members of the New York State Farm Bureau, which also owns the tractor and trailer.

The Koeshns say the farm can handle any type of business and they don’t think the tractor, trailer and house are anything special.

The family has a lot of experience and have operated the farm for many years, they said.

The owner of Fleet Farm said the truck has a gas tank that will last 20,000 miles.

He said he doesn’t think it would take a truck like this to haul 40,000 gallons.

He said the farm has never had to worry about gas prices or traffic, and it would be easier to use the tractor for the jobs the truck can do because the tractor has so many other uses.

They don’t have to worry if there is a leak in the tractor.

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