The little fleet gas card, or L&M card, is the one used by the big five gas companies to get customers to pay for their gas.

This card can be used to buy gas from the major gas companies, or through a third-party supplier.

The L&m card has been around since 2001, when it was created by a group of Jewish investors.

Since then, gas companies have been trying to get the L&mm card banned from the market, arguing that it violates Jewish law.

But a court ruling in 2016 sided with the big gas companies.

The Jewish Federation of Greater New York (JNF-NY), the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Manhattan (JCRCM) and other organizations filed a lawsuit against the companies last year, arguing they had no right to impose this card on customers.

In a decision issued on Friday, a judge ruled that it is possible to have a card that is neither an Israeli nor a Jewish card.

The court, in its opinion, said that this is possible because the card does not refer to the Jewish religion, but to a specific gas company.

According to the opinion, if the cards are legal, the card could also be used by other Jewish groups, such as the Federation of Jewish Community Centers, which is considered a nonprofit and is allowed to use such cards.

The card was created as a way to encourage Jewish consumers to purchase gas and increase sales, the JNF- NY wrote in a statement.

The JNF said the decision is a step forward for the Jewish consumer.

The ruling is not final, but it is expected to be appealed, the statement added.

The order was issued as the Jewish community filed an appeal in federal court in New York, according to a Jewish news website.

According in a Jewish media report, the plaintiffs in the case are Rabbi Daniel Pines, a senior vice president of the JCFM; Rabbi Steven Rubin, a co-chairman of the JCRCM; and Michael M. Stern, president of JCRC.

They are also represented by David B. Shapiro, who is chairman of the Israel Fund for Religious Liberty.

The companies said in a press release that the decision will affect only the L &mm card, and it will remain valid until December 31, 2019.

However, it said that the court decision would not affect the L, M or M&mm cards, which can be redeemed by third-parties.

The big five, the largest gas companies in the United States, have said that they have never banned the cards.

They said that, while the card is legal, it is not the card that the companies want to use.

“The companies have said they will not allow their customers to use the L and M cards in any way that would interfere with their ability to do business,” the J&m said in its statement.

“While it is legal for Jewish businesses to use these cards, it would be inappropriate for them to do so in any other way.

The Card of Aotearoa, the nation’s largest Jewish gas cardholder, is issued by the Jewish National Fund.

It has been used for more than 30 years to buy fuel from the gas companies and to redeem gas for customers.

Aotaira cards are also issued to more than 200,000 households across the country.

The cards are not valid for purchases by customers who do not have an Aotaric membership, and the cards can only be used for purchases in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, according a JNF statement.

A statement issued by a spokesperson for the companies said that in its legal response, the companies will not be commenting further.

A spokesperson for JCRC, which also owns the Card of Manhattan, said in an email that the card will be available for use only in New New York.

The three major gas card companies, Shell, ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, are among the five biggest gas suppliers in the U.S., accounting for roughly two-thirds of U. S. gas production.

The largest of the major oil companies, BP, also has a small gas card.

This is an issue that is ripe for judicial resolution,” the letter said.

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