CHARLESTON, S.C. — A veteran aircraft carrier and a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier will leave the Luftha fleet to become the first U.K.-based carrier to take part in joint military exercises with the Royal Navy.

The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday approved a deal to relocate the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier from its base in Norfolk, Va., to the Mediterranean Sea, and that the aircraft carrier USS Lufthouse will move to the same berth in the eastern Mediterranean as the U. S.S.

“The Nimitz is a fast, agile and versatile carrier,” U.k.

Ambassador to the United Nations Lord Andrew Tyrie said in a statement.

in the global community safe.””

The Nimits deployment to the Western Mediterranean will ensure that our military has a capable platform to conduct the sort of joint exercises with our allies that we need to keep Britain and the U,S.

in the global community safe.”

Lufthas aircraft carrier “will be the first in a fleet of Lufa-class carriers that will provide strategic flexibility and support to the U-K., U.B.C., U-S.

and U.A.E. militaries, including the Royal Marines,” Tyrie added.

“These aircraft carriers will also provide the UK. with the flexibility and capability to provide critical support to U. of A.E., U.-B.G.A., and other allied forces in a range of operations.”

The move comes after years of delays and cost overruns, resulting in the Uk. shipbuilding giant having to spend more than $1 billion more than planned for the construction of the Nimits first homeport in Portsmouth, Virginia, to house its aircraft carrier.

The Nimids deployment is scheduled to begin in 2019, when it will join the U of A.-based USS George Washington as the fifth U. k. ship to move into the Mediterranean, joining the Nimros HMS Victorious, USS St. Vincent, USS Yorktown and USS Enterprise.

The aircraft carrier’s arrival in the Mediterranean follows a two-year delay that was partly due to the cost overrun and the installation of an electromagnetic fence around the ship.

The fence was installed in late 2018 to protect the ship from rogue sailors who may be attempting to steal the Nimrod’s aircraft carrier guns.

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