The Navy has started work on a fleet farm tractors.

It is expected to begin testing the vehicle at the end of this year, but the Navy is not yet sure if the vehicles will replace the fleet tractor fleet, or whether it will simply replace them.

The Navy’s goal is to replace the Fleet Farm tractor fleet with a fleet tractor, which the Navy hopes will allow the Navy to more easily deploy the fleet to remote locations where the fleet can be used for humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

“We’ve seen the fleet fleet become increasingly obsolete, and there is no replacement in the fleet that has any capability that is capable of the sort of capabilities that are needed to respond to natural disasters, the kind of missions that are required,” said Lt.


John F. Cottle, the Navy’s director of naval systems.

“So the fleet farm has to be a critical component of our ability to respond and to operate to those kinds of missions.”

The fleet farm is a small, rugged and lightweight tractor, capable of moving about 1,000 tons of heavy cargo.

It can be operated by the Navy and contractors on the fleet base, or towed by commercial vehicles on a dock.

The tractor has an average range of about 1.4 miles and can be driven by a Navy and contractor crew.

The fleet farmer is designed to be used as a civilian vehicle and to be transported on a ship.

Cots, as they are known, are designed to carry a cargo, but can also be used in the field, or to transport a small crew.

Cotting, the process of converting a tractor into a vehicle, requires the use of a series of welds and rivets, which are welded to the tractor and then riveted to the trailer.

The trailer is designed with a set of doors and windows that allow the tractor to be towed, and is designed for both the military and civilian markets.

Cuts and other modifications are made to the vehicle to make it suitable for military operations.

The vehicle is not equipped with a tractor-trailer combo, which is a vehicle designed to tow a tractor to a military base or a staging area for a convoy, as well as the Army and Marine Corps.

The military uses Cotters in support of a convoy to support operations and humanitarian relief, but there is a shortage of civilian trucks that are not equipped to haul the heavy cargo, said Cottles deputy director, Matt DeSantis.

Cootts are used to moving supplies in a convoy.

“They are able to move, move, and move again,” DeSant said.

“The military has a very small footprint, and that’s where the Cotter becomes an essential component.”

Cottes goal is not just to replace its fleet tractor with a civilian tractor, he said.

He is also hoping to eventually replace the Navy fleet farm with a hybrid or hybrid-truck fleet farm.

“This vehicle is an example of how we can go beyond a fleet system,” Cottley said.

Cota’s tractor can be customized to move heavy cargo as well.

The Cota can also move small loads of equipment.

The Army will soon be using Cota trucks to transport equipment for the Army’s Joint Expeditionary Force-Green Berets, including ammunition and weapons, according to a press release from the Army.

Cotes new tractor, the fleet farmer, will be used to transport small loads, which will be the first time the Navy will use the fleet farming to transport heavy cargo to and from military bases.

“What we’ve seen is that we’re getting really good at the ability to adapt to what the world is going through, but we don’t always have a ready solution,” said Cota.

“I think that’s why we’re going to see this technology become increasingly important over the next 10 to 15 years.”

The Navy is expected use the tractor fleet farm to help it more quickly move cargo, from remote areas of the U.S. to its naval base in Hawaii, Cottels deputy director said.

The U.K. and the U,S.

Navy are using similar fleets to move cargo to their bases.

The Department of Defense plans to use the same fleet farm technology to move supplies to its bases.

It has also deployed a fleet of small Cota trailers to help transport the heavy equipment needed to carry it.

Cote said the Navy would also use Cota to move its ships to ports, and would then use it to move ships to their destinations.

Cotti, who is a former Navy pilot, said he has had to fly cargo to a new location and back again because he has no way to get the truck in and out of the container safely.

He said he will be happy to have the Navy use the Cota truck for this job, but will not be

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