In the first full year of the Trump administration, the United States Navy has reached its lowest monthly total since it was founded in 1851.

The Navy reported this week that its fleet has lost 3,073 ships, including a record 3,075 vessels that were lost this year.

The Pentagon also reported a record loss of 2,094 aircraft in the first quarter, as it said the Pentagon would spend $1.1 billion to upgrade the fleet to handle the effects of the Zika virus.

The Trump administration’s efforts to overhaul the Navy’s outdated fleet also resulted in a record number of aircraft being grounded.

But that is likely to only make matters worse, as the new budget proposal will eliminate the Defense Department’s “Fighter Replacement Program,” a program that provides funding to support the Navy to maintain the fleet’s combat capability.

While the Navy has been making some progress on its shipbuilding program, a new report from the Navy said it still needs $1 billion in funds to continue building a new warship in 2019.

In its most recent fiscal year, the Navy reported an increase in its ship-building budget, but that increase was offset by a decrease in the amount of money it was spending on modernization.

The current budget proposal would cut funding for the shipbuilding budget by $1,000,000.

The report from Navy officials said the shipbuilder had not yet received funding to complete the ship that was in the early stages of construction.

The budget proposal also would eliminate funding for Navy ships that are not in combat and would reduce the number of ships in the Navy fleet by one.

While this may seem like a major setback, it is not a new problem for the Navy, which has had to make adjustments to its shipyard program in the last year due to budget cuts and a shortage of parts.

The recent budget proposal has the potential to further reduce the quality of service in the shipyards and result in fewer ships being delivered in the coming years.

In January, the Pentagon announced that it was cutting $500 million from the shipyard budget, a decision that was later reversed.

The decision to eliminate the ship-yard program comes on the heels of the Navy cutting the Navy budget by a total of $732 million from fiscal 2019 to 2018.

The military has been hit hard by the Zika outbreak and a number of recent deaths have prompted the Pentagon to consider making cuts to the fleet.

In the months following the Zika pandemic, the U.S. Navy saw an increase of 3,096 ships in total, a decrease of 744 ships and a loss of 1,633 aircraft.

In October, the military announced a total loss of 10,000 shipyards, and in the third quarter of 2019, the number was down by a staggering 59,000 ships and aircraft.

A lot has been made about the Navy being able to build enough ships to replace the Navy ships currently in service, but the fact remains that the Pentagon has yet to build a single aircraft carrier, and the Navy only has two aircraft carriers.

While President Trump has claimed that the military will have at least 2,000 new ships in service by the end of the decade, it will be at least a year before the Pentagon gets the ships that it needs.

With the Trump Administration having no new ships built for decades, it has made it very clear that they want to build ships that will have to be replaced every two years.

For the first time in decades, the US Navy is facing a major shipbuilding shortfall, and that has been the source of much concern.

The shipbuilding problem, while not a problem for every service, has become a serious issue for the United State, which is struggling to maintain its military in the wake of President Trump’s order to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

While many have taken to calling the US navy “the Navy of the 21st century,” there is a growing concern that this shipbuilding deficit will not only continue to affect the military, but also the U

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