Bloomberg – The federal government is considering a bill to require fleet maintenance companies to offer free software for their fleet management software and hardware.

The measure would require a fleet maintenance company to offer an annual maintenance package to customers of a fleet management tool and hardware, such as fleet management tools and hardware for a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.

The package would provide customers with an estimated 10-percent discount on their total fleet maintenance bill, the bill says.

The bill has not yet been formally introduced, and the Federal Communications Commission has not issued a formal statement on the bill.

The bill is being introduced by Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) and Sen. David Perdue (R.

Ga.), who sponsored the Senate version.

The House bill is sponsored by Reps.

David Cicilline (R.-R.I.) and John Katko (R., N.Y.).

Poe’s bill would require that all fleet maintenance businesses offer an “offered free software and services package” that includes software for a software maintenance tool and equipment that are “essential” to a fleet’s operations.

He has not announced whether the Senate bill would also include software and service offerings for that fleet management platform.

The Senate bill does not require an offer of a free software package, but does require companies to provide a free “software maintenance and software updates.”

Perdue’s bill requires that all fleets maintain software and software services on a free package and that all such fleets also offer an offered free maintenance package, similar to what the House bill does.

Perdue said in a statement that his bill would ensure that all vehicles and fleets maintained by fleet maintenance contractors are maintained on a service-level agreement that “guarantees the continued availability of those services.”

In addition to offering an offered maintenance package and an offered software maintenance and update package, Perdue’s legislation would require companies providing fleet maintenance services to provide an updated fleet management system for fleet management vehicles that meets current industry standards, such a the latest version of the IMSI certification and a version that is available through third-party vendors.

The fleet maintenance industry was booming in 2015 when the Federal Aviation Administration announced it was considering requiring fleets to offer a fleet-wide maintenance package that would include software for all fleets, a free maintenance program, and free software updates.

In March 2016, the FAA’s inspector general, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, issued an opinion finding that the fleet maintenance sector was an “urgent” problem.

The inspector general concluded that the industry had “lagged in addressing the needs of fleet management operators.”

The fleet management industry is also struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in software and technology that are taking place in the industry.

The FAA said in its report that fleets are using software and data management systems to manage their fleets more quickly and with fewer personnel than ever before.

The report also noted that many of the fleets are relying on the “new and improved” software and analytics tools to manage and improve their fleets.

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