In a sign of its ambitions to expand its presence in the United States, Southwest Airlines is planning to begin selling the next generation of its fleet of 787-8s, which it hopes will replace its fleet.

The planes will be made in China, with the new planes being delivered in 2018.

But unlike previous 737s, the new 737s will be built in the U.S. The company will also offer an alternative to the Airbus A380 for its next fleet, the Airbus C300.

It’s unclear if Southwest plans to offer an upgrade for the C300s, but it will offer the same standard equipment for the 737s.

Southwest said it will also build its new 777X jets in the state of Arizona.

The 737s are Boeing 737-800s that can fly from Chicago to Seattle in two hours.

The C300 is a slightly smaller 737-8 that can travel from Phoenix to Los Angeles in about 20 minutes.

The 737s cost about $100 million each and are the cheapest planes in the fleet, but they have some drawbacks, including fuel consumption, reliability and weight.

In 2018, Southwest said the 787s were the only aircraft in its fleet that could be flown between the Midwest and the East Coast.

Southwest’s plan to buy the 737s comes as Southwest Airlines expands its footprint in the Midwest by flying routes to Chicago and Detroit.

The airline, which began flying routes in March 2019, said it would soon begin flying routes between Denver and Buffalo, New York.

After that, Southwest’s next planes will travel to Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas.

With the 797s, Southwest plans on selling only one aircraft, a Boeing 737.

The 747s are another airline’s 737s that Southwest plans are still being finalized.

In addition to Boeing, the 737 family is also made by Airbus, Airbus A330 and Airbus E320.

Airbus is the biggest rival in the airliner business.

The Boeing 737 family, the 757 family, and the 737 MAX are Airbus A320s.

The MAXs are the only planes in Southwest’s fleet.

Southwest Airlines operates six 737-300s and seven 737-400s.

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