Fleet One emanager has cancelled flights from Belfast to London in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, after a UK Air Traffic Control (ATC) directive to divert the aircraft to Belfast airport.

It’s the second time in two months that the aircraft has been forced to land on the mainland due to a technical issue.

The Airbus A320, which will be joined by the A321neo, has been grounded for several days in the UK after the first plane, the A320neo 1, was grounded for the same reason.

At least 20 people were killed when the Grenville Tower fire destroyed the building.

According to The Times newspaper, the British Airways Airbus A330 was the first to be grounded in the US after the blaze.

The airline confirmed the grounding, which has not been officially confirmed by the company, and said that “the aircraft is undergoing maintenance.”

It’s the first time since the fire that the UK has cancelled a flight from Belfast Airport.

In March, British Airways cancelled two of its planned flights to London from Belfast because of the “serious technical issue” with the aircraft.

In March, a British Airways flight was forced to take off in Belfast after a technical problem at the airport.

British Airways said that it was the third time in a year that the flight would be grounded due to technical issues.

Airlines are required by the Air Navigation Services Regulations to fly only from London to the US, and only in the same way.

The regulations specify that the airline has the right to request an aircraft to land in London to refuel.

“We will continue to support our passengers on flights to and from Belfast airport and will be providing a full explanation of this decision to passengers in the near future,” British Airways said in a statement.

Belfast Airport confirmed the decision, saying that the flights are not expected to return to the city for the foreseeable future.

However, the issue may not be resolved until the end of the year.

British Airways is the largest British airline in the world, with 1,600 flights.

The A320 has a capacity of just over 3,000 passengers.

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