Fleet Feet.com, an auto-sales website that tracks the sales of fleet vehicles, recently discovered a serious problem in one of its fleet models: The front wheel.

In fact, the company discovered that one of the company’s fleet vehicles was equipped with a faulty wheel assembly that allowed the vehicle to roll forward and then forward, with its center of gravity on the outside of the vehicle.

“We are aware of the issue and are investigating it as a result,” said John Karpel, chief operating officer of Fleet Feet, in a statement to Autoblog.

The company told Autoblog that it had reached out to the company that manufactures the faulty wheel to see if the problem could be fixed.

The problem affects only one fleet model, according to Karpal, who did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Autoblog and to the auto-repair website.

Karpan explained that the problem was in a small number of vehicles, but he added that the issue had been “underreported.”

Karpel said the company was working with its dealership to fix the problem, and that it would send the affected fleet to a dealer for repair.

Kaspel said that there was a fix planned for the next fleet model.

The problem has been discovered by the company with the second-generation Chrysler PT Cruiser, Karpakli said, which is equipped with the third-generation PT Cruiser.

The PT Cruiser is sold in several countries.

According to Kaspelman, Fleet Feet has a policy that cars with an “off-road” title, or “non-trucks,” should be inspected every year.

He added that Fleet Feet does not sell vehicles without such an inspection.

Karpelman said that Fleet Foot did not have any information about when the issue might be fixed or whether repairs would be made.

He added that if this was a problem with the front wheel, the vehicle might have to be sent to a service center for replacement.

The affected vehicles are not expected to be returned to the dealership until the problem is corrected, Kaspal said.

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