The fleet of AT&T’s fleet of post office trucks has been scheduled to begin returning to San Diego, California, by Wednesday.

The trucks, which carry mail, packages and other items to and from customers in the city, will only be able to start returning to the city on Thursday.

Customers in the San Diego area will be able continue to mail and pick up packages in the area on Friday.

AT&t said it will be the only company to do this.

“We’re pleased that we’ll be able provide our customers with the convenience and convenience they deserve, but we’re disappointed that we’re limited in the way we can offer our customers in our community,” AT&ts general manager of post offices and distribution Brad Boesch said in a statement.

“Our customers in San Diego deserve to have a full day of service.”

The Post Office has not yet announced when the truck fleet will return to San Francisco.

AT &ts was one of four major U.S. carriers that have opted to not use the federal post office’s fleet in California.

The company said it had signed a deal with the U.N. to run the fleet of trucks, but that it will now wait until AT&s has paid a full freight-delivery fee.

The post office said it was not able to offer a comment until it received AT&’s response to its letter.

The Federal Transit Administration said that it has been working with AT&Ts to ensure that it can provide the required service to San Diegans.

The FTA said that the agency has provided AT& t with $2 million to help it get the trucks ready for delivery, which it said it is still working to pay for.

The transit agency also has set up a website that will give customers an up-to-date schedule of when the fleet will arrive.

ATs letter to customers states that it expects to have trucks in San Francisco by July 7.

AT’s letter also said that AT& ts letter “applies to all AT& c t vehicles.”

Boesich said that he does not know if AT& has plans to replace the vehicles, or whether they will remain in San Jose.

AT officials have said that they are aware of AT’s move, and that they would like to be able go back to the San Francisco area by Wednesday, but have been told they need to schedule the trucks so that they can get them back on track.

AT will continue to offer UPS delivery to San Jose, AT& te said in its letter, and it is working with other carriers to make sure they have the vehicles in place for customers.

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